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"We want to thank you for giving Eric and Jack such an extraordinary year!  You are all wonderful teachers, each uniquely talented.  You created a safe and stimulating place where Eric and Jack could grow, explore, and learn.  They both love school and that is because of all of you!  I have to say from the moment I walked in to visit Blue River two years ago, I knew that this was a very special place.  I want to tell you how during the day I would think about Eric and Jack after dropping them off at school and feel blessed and lucky to know that they are in the best possible learning, playing, loving, nurturing preschool that there is.  Thank you for all of your advice, individual care and attention, and the lovely way that you have to make all of this special care look effortless.  The combination of the nurturing that they received from each of you everyday and the fun and silliness that was injected into the day was just an incredible combination!  We hope for Eric that his education continues to be of this quality.  We are sad that the year is growing to a close but also look forward to Jack continuing with you in the fall.  We thank you for your little jewel of a school and for the privilege of knowing each one of you!"

-Janine and Eric Pontiff, Duxbury

"Sonia, I cannot believe that after six years, our time at Blue River is over.  It is truly the end of an era!  I will miss seeing you on a daily basis and all of our chats at drop-off and pick-up.  Not only are you a wonderful teacher but also a very dear friend.  All four of my children have gotten so much out of going to Blue River, so much more than I could ever write in this card--big things like letters and numbers, but so many other things like how to look a grown-up in the eye when saying, 'hello,' or how to resolve a conflict with a friend.  Your philosophies and your wonderful way of teaching have helped shape all of my children into the lovely little people they are becoming.  It really does take a village to raise a child; I feel so lucky to have had you as part of my village.  Thank you for providing my children with such a safe, happy, creative, beautiful, and inspiring place to learn and grow!"

-Aly Stadelmann, Duxbury

"Blue River is truly a magnificent school. Our daughter's growth is impressive—she loves going to school. She often surprises us with new skills or knowledge that she picked up while “playing” at Blue River. We are continually grateful that we chose your program. Your attention, creativity, energy, and drive are an inspiration to all the children —  especially ours. At Blue River, there is no distinction between learning and play; the children experience them simultaneously. What an ideal foundation for what school and learning are supposed to be!  We are so grateful to have been a part of your wonderful program.  It's the best around—there's no doubt about it.  Thank you so much for creating a special place for my girls to develop.  It's more than I could have ever hoped for.  Hard to say good-bye."

-Emily Goodman-Simeone and PJ Simeone, Duxbury

"Dear Sonia, a gift cannot even begin to express the gratitude and admiration that I have for you.  From the moment I met you inquiring about your school to right up to this morning, your love and passion for these kids shine through.  You have a gift!  Thank you most of all for being so incredibly flexible with my work schedule.  I truly am so appreciative for all of the times I was able to extend Tague's day.  Thank you for loving and caring for Tague when I was not able to. We will miss everyone!"        

-Lauren Smith, Duxbury

"When our family first began looking for preschools, we were immediately drawn to the Montessori method, and Blue River in particular because there was a focus on teaching a love of learning.  This is exactly what we found at Blue River!  The instructors share a love of learning that has really inspired our children.  An added bonus is that my husband and I are also learning new things about art, nature, and even a little Spanish!  Sonia really elevates the preschool curriculum and the children seem to embrace the material.  My children also really embrace Sonia’s delicious cooking.  We were in complete shock when Josie came home telling us she loves quinoa!  Finally, we are particularly grateful for the instructors’ commitment to teaching our children calming strategies and always showing amazing patience.  The yoga, breathing techniques, and behavior strategies we have learned have truly been a gift to our whole family!"

-Jenna and Mark Wechsler, Duxbury

"Sonia, words cannot express how thankful I am for the time and love you have given to my boys over the past two years.  I cannot believe that this is Trevor's last day.  I tear up writing this.  He has loved every day with you and still runs to your door each morning.  I am so glad that Parker will be there next year.  Thank you for everything.  We love you and Blue River!"

-Kelsey Berman, Duxbury

"Mrs. Kelly, thank you so much for the past three years of amazing fun, learning, and friendships.  We have cherished every day spent at Blue River.  Thank you for helping Olivia grow and prepare for her next years at Chandler Elementary.  She is ready for her next chapter of school, but she will always remember and miss her time spent with you at school.  Thank you again for always being a great support for us.  We will miss you so, so much."

-Diana Muccio, Duxbury

"Sonia, we thought that you would be interested to know that Caleigh had her first day of kindergarten on Monday and she is doing extremely well.  Her first week is almost complete and she has informed us that she is loving every minute of it.  Although Bill and I would like to take all of the credit, we are both in agreement that one of the main reasons that she is so well prepared for the kindergarten transition is because of your positive influence.  Thanks to two incredible years at Blue River Montessori School and the time spent working with the all of the BRMS teachers, and especially thanks to the times Caleigh worked one on one with you.  Sonia, you have cultivated within her a love for learning and an intense desire to explore new things and experiences.  We know that this will serve her well as she embarks on her new academic journey.  We are very much looking forward to Liam's first day of preschool at BRMS.  We know that his next two years will be full of many new and exciting learning experiences. Thank you for all that you have already done for our children.  We will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of BRMS."

-Gail and Bill Tompkins, Kingston

"Sonia, what an amazing experience we have had at Blue River.  Thank you...thank you for being so gentle, caring, attentive and nurturing.  Thank you for teaching Pia about so many things...including what life has to offer her.  Sonia, you are a special soul and wonderful teacher.  Pia and I will miss seeing your face and smile on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; however, we will be in touch and really hope to see you soon."

-Alison Ceesay, Duxbury

"Sonia, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for all four of my kids.  It's so hard to believe that we started with you in your first year opening Blue River, and now my last baby is graduating from preschool.  We will never forget when Bill called the school from the hospital to tell Will that he had a new baby sister.  We truly appreciate all of the great memories you have given us but especially the gift of learning and confidence you instilled in our children.  We will miss you!"

-Sarah and Bill Slimbaugh, Duxbury

"Mrs. Kelly, what a phenomenal year it has been!  Alec has flourished at Blue River and we have you to thank.  We will never forget what an amazing teacher and nourishing friend you've been to our Alec.  We are excited for kindergarten and know he's ready, thanks in large part to you! "

-Danielle and Jed Lowry, Duxbury

"Sonia, I can't even begin to thank you enough for such a wonderful experience for Lauren! We are truly thankful to have found Blue River!  I'm sad to think that we will not be at Blue River next year but will carry all we've shared with you as Lauren moves to kindergarten!"

-Leslie and Tom Burton, Duxbury

"Sonia, it is hard to believe that three years have passed since we first visited Blue River Montessori.  At that time, construction of the school was not yet complete, but the vision you described of how the classroom would look by the first day of school truly excited us about sending Siena to Blue River.  That excitement has turned into a sense of amazement as we have seen the toddler that entered school back in September of 2006 turn into an inquisitive and thoughtful little girl, due in large part to the nurturing and creative learning environment that you have provided.  Perhaps the best compliment that we could offer, however, is to provide Ruby with the same wonderful opportunity that Siena was able to experience with you.  Thank you for providing Siena with a tremendous educational background in which to prepare for her lifetime of education.  We look forward to seeing Ruby enjoy her time at Blue River as much as her big sister did."

-Tracy and Craig Sheehan, Marshfield

"When Blue River Montessori opened in the fall of 2006, we moved our son from Bay Farm to Blue River because of the flexible schedule, the bright and cheery setting of the new classroom, and, most importantly, the enthusiasm of Mrs. Kelly.  It was a big step for us to send our first child to a brand new school.  We figured there would be a learning curve for everyone - but the transition was flawless, and Mrs. Kelly far exceeded our expectations.  Our son is about to finish his second year at Blue River, and he has loved every minute of it.  The best part is that he is having fun while learning.  He is stimulated by projects that incorporate reading, math, science, Spanish, art history and more.  We have even learned a few things from the projects he has brought home.  We have been so impressed with Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Sigler, and Senorita Lisa.  They provide a love of learning in a nurturing environment.  Our first son is more than prepared for kindergarten."

-Robin and Chad Elliott, Duxbury

"Sonia has a great way with children.  My daughter, Julia, took an art class with her last year.  It was fun for Julia as well as instructive.  Each week, Julia would wonder aloud what they were going to do that week.  I thought it was due to the fact that there were only three students in the class.  With a small class, the teacher can really focus on the child.  This year, I enrolled Julia in Sonia's art class and was somewhat apprehensive because there were six boys and Julia.  But Sonia had such a calm manner and awareness of the child as an individual that it never felt like six boys and a girl; it had been seven children experiencing art together.  I asked Julia what she likes about Sonia and she said, 'she's kind.'  That's a great endorsement for me."
-Catherine Lehmann, Duxbury

"Sonia has been tutoring my eleven year old daughter, Laura, three hours a week for about six months.  She is one of the most patient, kind, caring, and understanding educators I have met in the eight years I have had school age children.  She is challenged in meeting my daughter's needs due to learning difficulties, and yet she never gives up, never gets frustrated or angry.  She is always positive and encouraging.  I sometimes listen in while they are working and I often hear Laura getting excited about what she's learning and accomplishing.  She shouts, 'I get it!!' and I can hear the pride in her voice.  Sonia has changed the way Laura feels about learning; it is no longer the impossible task it once seemed to be.  Anyone enrolling their child in Blue River Montessori School is giving them an amazing gift and an awesome beginning!"        

-Bridget Peterson, Duxbury

"Thank you so much for all that you did this year and continue to do for all of the kids.  In spite of the challenging times [COVID-19], this was a great year and it was a joy to see first hand the love you have for the kids [through observing daily online lessons during COVID-19].  We can't wait for next year!  We love and appreciate you!"

-Stephanie Martin, Duxbury

"Thank you so much for all that you've done for Josie these past two years.  Your program was a perfect fit for her and it was incredible to watch her grow in all areas.  You and your staff have helped prepare her to be ready for kindergarten and beyond.  Josie loves going to school and we have you to thank for that!  Blue River has been an important part of our children's lives and it's sad to think that this is the end of our time with you!  We appreciate all that you do!"

-Julia Vonella, Duxbury

"Thank you so much for being so wonderful with the kids.  Your passion for teaching, encouragement for individual growth, and positivity for every child is what makes your program stand out.  We have truly enjoyed our time at Blue River and will remember fondly all the amazing memories made here.  You have made a lasting impression and we are so grateful for everything you have done for us.  We will miss you greatly."

-Kierstin Kerr, Duxbury

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me these last three years.  I have loved my time at Blue River so much.  Thank you for always believing in me and for your love, support, and guidance.  I'll miss you, but I know I'll see you around."

-Emily (Claudia) Reuscher, Duxbury

"Hi Sonia, I had to share this story with you…   Yesterday, my husband and I went bike riding with Christi and Landon around Old Cove Road, Lovers Lane, and King Caesar.   It was beautiful!  At the end of our bike trip, I had noticed that the water in my plastic water bottle was very warm and was wishing I had cold water.   I then heard the clinging of ice cubes and noticed the enjoyment on Christi’s face when she was drinking out of her metal water bottle. She had been using a water bottle for years.  In that moment yesterday, I was wondering why I hadn’t switched from plastic to metal yet. So, I got curious as to where she had learned to use a metal water bottle and why she was smarter than I was to have switched to a metal container.  I was guessing she learned it from a friend and that maybe it was more about fitting in, an assumption I think I had in the back of my mind that is likely the reason I didn’t switch yet.  This time, however, I got curious as to what made her so smart!  So when I asked her, I was floored by her response that she had learned it in preschool!  I responded with enthusiasm and pure joy, “You learned it from Mrs. Kelly?”  She said yes and explained.  She recalled her experiment of  putting ice in plastic, aluminum, and metal containers.  She said you all waited to the end of day and learned that there was no ice in the plastic, no ice in the aluminum, and two ice cubes in the metal containers.  It is so great how you have such enormous impact on the lives of so many people and I want you to know every time I hear a story that my kids reflect upon and attribute to their learning experiences with you and how it positively impacts their live and our lives, that I will do my best to relay the information back to you.  You are amazing and we are grateful!"

-Tracy Schwartz, Duxbury

"Thank you seems too little for all that you have done for us in the last three years, not to mention these last few months [Blue River's virtual learning during the COVID closure].  It certainly wasn't an easy task, but your determination to keep some level of normalcy in our lives was greatly appreciated.  We couldn't be happier that we chose Blue River and feel lucky to be a part of something so special.  Your guidance and support not only for Bryce and Emersen, but also for a many times harried mother are absolutely a part of the reason my children have flourished and grown into the kind little people they are.  Emersen has been able to explore her love of art daily and Bryce was able to really hone his ninja skills while also making strides academically.  We will forever look back on our days at Blue River with deep gratitude and with a true appreciation for all that you do.  Though we are sad to be saying goodbye, I am certain that we are better prepared for what lies ahead because of the strong foundation set by all of you."

-Kara & Dave Rowell, Duxbury

"Sonia, I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for providing Abigail with such a fun, loving environment and wonderful first educational experience.  You have created a little school and we have felt so lucky to be able to send Abigail there these last two years.  We're so glad we'll get three more with you with Madeline!"

-Molly & Eddie, Duxbury

"Dear Sonia, I can't begin to thank you for helping my children grow to be these amazing boys.  They have learned more with you about science, art, holidays, food, how to behave, and friendships than they would have anywhere else.  You have created a perfect environment for Patrick and Connor to feel safe, happy, and heard.  No amount of thanks can ever show my appreciation.  We can't wait fo the fall."

-Whitney Gorss, Marshfield

"Blue River Teachers, words will not suffice to express our gratitude to each of you for the love and care you have shown our Gloria over the past two years.  We have delighted in seeing all she has learned from you and know a big part of her confidence and independence comes from her time at Blue River.  We could not be happier with our experience of your school and will always credit you with a big part of what makes Glo so special.  We will hold you warmly in our hearts and remember you fondly in all the years to come.  We truly feel so blessed to have landed in your care.  Thank you!"

-The Rizzo Family, Duxbury

"Dear Sonia, It's amazing that our third year with you is already coming to a close.  Your love and affection that you show your students comes through in Connor.  He loves his teachers and his friends so much.  He loves to learn and always comes home with fun facts, some that I don't even know!  Connor is a great kid, and a lot of that is because of you and the care, attention, and patience that you show him.  I will be forever grateful to you and Blue River!"

          -The Gorss Family, Marshfield

"Dear Mrs. Kelly, We wanted to express our deep appreciation for all that you have done at BRMS for Maeve + Patrick.  Your vision and dedication have made it a truly exceptional place for them to learn and grow over the past 2 years.  They wanted to share their special thanks for always making them yummy lunches.  They said that you are a good cook!  They also said they love learning math problems with you and are always so excited to show off all they have learned.  Most importantly, they said thank you for making them feel happy and helping them LOVE school.  Your leadership and nurturing environment have provided them with such a strong foundation.  We are incredibly grateful for you and the positive impact you've had on our children.  Thank you."

          -The Mullen Family, Duxbury

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